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and the next one please.

Ever notice that when you are down, life tries to make it hard to get back up again? That is exactly how I feel. We were just getting back on an even keel, the wife is working and enjoying her job and even better her job likes her. I had got the lounge finally decorated, the new carpet had been laid, a new fish tank had been purchased (not yet setup), a new book shelf is on order. Sure there is still lots to do but at least we could see a path and we could plan our route along that path, but then the father in-law was admitted to hospital. Don’t get me wrong it is not his fault, he is 85 and has always been active. He has been ill for a few weeks but when the hospital phone you at 9-30 on a Friday night and tell you they are concerned about a blood test you did the day before and they are sending a doctor out to you now, you know it is not going to be good. The doctor arrived and agreed to admit him to hospital, 1:30am the ambulance arrived to take him to hospital, I eventually got to bed at 4am having taken the family to the hospital and then back to their relevant homes. Nine day later we are still visiting him in hospital, he has good days and he has bad days but he is getting the attention and treatment he needs.

On the weight\slimming front, well I don’t know as I have not been for the last couple of weeks (due to hospital visit commitments). Last time I went to weigh-in I was totally dishearten, another gain, to make matters worse I have had to go back on the medication for my knee (I finished the course the same weekend as the Tazz ride, previous post), so I have to do something, ignoring and doing nothing is not an option but what I am not sure what.

I am still suffering from a lack of enthuiasism at the moment when it comes to going for a ride. It seems as though if I have a planned ride, like the Tazz ride or the ride I did at Swinley Forest with a mate I am up for this and ready to go. I want to ride, a Saturday or Sunday morning ride and I am struggling to get up and go. But if I do make it on a Saturday or Sunday ride, I enjoy the ride, it is not that I don’t enjoy the ride be it local or somewhere new I do, I just cant find my “get up and go”. I managed it this morning but I could of so easily turned over and gone back to sleep. I am intending to go out again tomorrow morning but I have to clear that hurdle of getting out of bed first.

I did mange an evening ride a week or so ago, went out with the intention of practising my hill climbing, there is a long drag over the local heath which I was intending to try to clear. Well not content with clearing it once, I was so shocked I went round the heath a and up the long drag and cleared it a second time, went home feeling very happy with myself even if two lycra clad whippets shot up the hill past me faster than I ride on the flat!!

This morning ride was a beach loop, it is only a short ride but has a mix of uphill climbs and downhill bit as well and a bit of road riding (to join all the bits up). I got up and left in sunshine, by the time I got to the beach it was dull and overcast with dark clouds looming, by the time I got home it was sunny again. When I got to the beach there seemed to be some form of triathlon going on, lots of people walking a round in wet suits with number on, I left them to it.


The picture was taken from near Bournemouth Pier (sorry about the quality, when I got home I found the lense on the phone was filthy). The hills in the distance are the Purbeck Hills, the small white blob is the Barfleur cross channel ferry heading for France. My knee held up for the ride, unfortunately by the time I was a couple of roads from home I was starting to get the tell tell feeling in my right calf of impending cramp, this is despite drinking water and an electrolyte drink during the ride.

Next weekend I am off on my travels, 12 month ago I did the same trip and got the phone call Saturday morning telling me water was coming through our bedroom ceiling, so had to return all the way home from Preston. Hopefully we wont have any problems this year.

Finally I will end with something a little less main stream

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one week on

It was with a bit of trepidation that I stood on the scales tonight, after lasts weeks non-mover I was hoping for better things this week, but knowing me and my body it was not a sure fire bet. I had already avoided finding out my weight yesterday when I was at the doctors as he wanted to weigh me (along with blood pressure and wee sample). I told him what weight I was last week and when I stood on the scales I looked at the ceiling so as not to see what they said and the doctor did the decent thing and by not telling me.

So as I stepped on the scales at slimming world tonight I watched the digital read out as it first flew past my last weeks weight and then came back down to rest 4lb less than last week, I think it was then that I let out a loud sigh…. I think that was very good considering I lost the plot Friday night after the bad news (I’m a stress eater). I was even more surprised by the fact that I won slimmer of the week and had a large bowl of fruit to take home.

In regards to the doctors I have have some new cream to try which will hopefully resolve my problems and stop it flaring up again. I was a bit surprised when he said it was two years since I had the last lot of cream, which was why they would not let me have a repeat prescription and had to make an appointment.

Don’t think an evening ride is going to take place this week, have a couple of ideas for the weekend but need to check what the weather is offering before I decide.

Was hoping for an early night to night as I am up early and off to head office tomorrow but that not going to happen now especially as the daughter said she might phone me to come and collect her from the concert she is gone to if she comes out too late for the bus. The last two days have been a case on answer the desk phone and the mobile rings, answer the mobile and the desk phone rings. I spend half the day answering the phone and the other half trying to catch up where everything is behind.

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the confusion continues

So I have a week where I eat all the wrong foods (crisp, cookies, etc.) so going for the weight in tonight I was confident that I had put weight on, so I was more than bemused by the fact that I lost 1.5lbs I should not really be surprised as my body quite happily throws a spanner in the works with great regularity, but why. I have asked myself this question over and over in my head for a long time and I am still no nearer understanding how my body ticks…………

Some parents don’t deserve to have kids, (this is something I forgot to write about yesterday). The route to the local heath means riding down a dual carriageway, I normally ride on the pavement on the on coming traffic side of the road. About 50yds in front of me is a family (mum dad, two kids about 5-ish and one in a push chair) walking in the same direction as I am travelling. One of the kids strayed behind the others for what ever reason and then realising he is behind he starts running after the rest of the family, as he approached them they were spread across the pavement so the kids runs out into the road into the oncoming traffic and I don’t mean he hopped off the pavement into the road and ran along the edge of the kerb, he is a good 3ft from the kerb running into on coming traffic before jumping back onto the pavement. When I saw it happen my heart was in my mouth, god knows what the car driver thought and the parent did not even say anything to the kid, I don’t even know if they realised what he had done. No doubt if he had been run over it would have been the car driver fault for driving to fast!!


bloody cyclist

No that is not a comment that was aimed at me, it was a comment that I aimed at two cyclist (in two days) that very nearly became bonnet ornaments on my car.

Dumb arse cyclist No1, I was sat in the normal Monday morning slow moving queue of traffic approaching a road joining (the road I am on) on my left. Sporting a lovely shiny Carrea MTB\Hybrid bike and wearing bright fluro jacket (which obviously makes him invincible) and a helmet, the cyclist rode straight out of the side road across the front of my bonnet, straight over the white line down the centre of the road and into the path of the oncoming traffic. Fortunately for him the on coming traffic braked, while our dumb arsed cyclist continued riding up the centre of the road on the wrong side into on coming traffic. This guy was no youngster, he must have been in his 40’s

Dumb arse cyclist No2, only about half a mile from where the other incident happened (maybe it something in the air), going down a hill I am confronted with a guy riding down the middle on my side of the road who is getting slower and slower until he stops in the middle of the road. No hand signals, no indication of what he is intending to do, he just sat there……… Then suddenly he seemed to wake up, realised he was in the middle of the road and quickly scurried to the side of the road. This guy was a mature student type, summer jacket, no helmet or cycling attire what so ever

Is it any wonder as cyclist, car\van\bus\lorry drivers have such a low opinion of us when we ride like this??

Last night was weigh in night and I carried on the traditional Monday night weight yo-yo, fortunately this time it was a 3.5lb loss, I was pleased. Just hope I can be good all week and make it another loss next Monday.

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I’m still alive

Back to the docs to day for my blood test results, everything is OK, no sign of the liver problems, no sign of diabetes and my cholesterol is OK, so a pretty clean bill of health. The doctor was impressed with my weight loss to date, so I took the opportunity to ask her about my yo-yo weight loss, her reply confirmed what you lot have been telling me, as long as the trend is downwards stop worrying about it. She went on to further explain that in her experience larger, heavier peoples weight loss does yo-yo a lot during a diet compared to somebody who is only a few pounds overweight. So I can sleep easy tonight……………………..I doubt it!

I also asked her about energy drinks\foods and the like for when I am on longer rides, her reply surprised me although thinking about it it does make sense. For me she does not recommend me having any of those energy drinks\foods while I am riding as that will defeat the point of riding (the exercise) as I need the exercise to convert fat into energy rather than taking the energy drinks\foods on-board while I am riding, as that way I don’t actually get to convert any of my fat (thus not losing weight). It was suggested that I take a banana, but I told her I hate them so she recommend a jam sandwich or a cereal bar and plenty of water for hydration. So over the coming months I will monitor it and see how it goes.

Hopefully out tomorrow morning although it my be on the F2 as I have yet to looked at the gears on the Whyte

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