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the only way is up

That is how I see things at the moment, when you are at the bottom of the proverbial ladder the only way is up.

I will start with good news, the wife has got a new job and starts on Monday, she was told she had got the job on Tuesday but there was a bit more form filling and checking to do, but it was not confirmed 100% until nearly midday Friday. So thankfully that is one major issue out of the way.

After my cold laid me low last weekend I thought I had been getting better all week, that was until this morning when a sneezing attack followed by a runny nose (for the rest of the day) made it’s return. To go with the runny nose I also have heavy eye syndrome, you can liken it to how your eyes feel when you have been a wake for more that 24 hours and want to go to sleep but you are forcing yourself to stay awake. At least I am not alone with the cold this time as my son has it as well.

I was intending to go for a ride this morning but several factors put pay to that. I still had the front gear change to check after the chain suck problems I had at Cannock the other week. I got the bike out the shed and put it on the stand and was looking at the front gear change mechanism from the left side of the bike (based on you sitting on the bike) and I remembered something I read on the MBR Forum in the week about a guys problem with chain suck and checking the chain rings for hooked shaped shark finned teeth on the chain wheel. Sure enough I had those very same “hooked shaped shark finned teeth” on my middle chain ring. No amount of playing with the mechanism was going to solve that problem, so I dismantled the crank and chain ring so I could get the middle ring off and then put the bike back in the shed. With winds over 20mph all day today I don’t think I would of enjoyed riding today.

In need of a new chain ring I thought I try a new web site I heard about on the (previously mentioned) MBR Forum, Bike Discount, it is a German web site and they are more than happy to post to the UK. I have heard nothing but good things about this company so I thought I would give them a try and what is even better is the cost of a new chain ring and the postage was cheaper than I could buy it from any of the UK web sites, is that just stupid or what??

So another weeks goes by with no rides due to a case of bad bike servicing on my part, weather and illness and my weight loss program is non-existent at the moment which is not being helped by my eat anything and everything in sight mind set.

This is not the start to 2012 I wanted, the only way is up………………………….I hope

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xendistar OBE (again)

In other words I had an Over the Bars Experience on this morning ride and found myself giving the ground a close inspection. The basic are that on one section of the ride a nice member of the public has laid some scaffolding planks over some muddy ditches, the second ditch I cross has a hump made from a large tree root across the trail just before you drop onto the plank, my front wheel went over the root and onto the plank ok but the back wheel slid sideways across the root, this lend to the front wheel sliding off the plank and stopping when it hit the side of the ditch. I then went over the bars, with my legs being dragged over handle bars leaving a nice array of bruises (which I found when I got home). Once I had got back to my feet I checked out the planks and the root and both were very slippery. Not sure why my back wheel slid across the root, might have been because I have put my mud tyre on the bike now, maybe the fact they have a lower profile, a thin 2.0 instead of a large 2.25. Two things are for certain, I won’t be going that way again till summer (because those planks are lethal when slippery) and secondly I will be lowering the tyre pressures as the ride was a tad hard.

Apart from that the rest of the ride was just the norm, my legs felt very heavy after my OBE, not sure why. Had to content with a stiff easterly wind during the ride which dropped off just after I got back home. Mind you it not as bad as the cross winds these guys had to content with , watch for the guy trying to get on his bike!! (unfortunately the music is rubbish and in a foreign language)

My on going problems with Virgin Media are getting worse, apart from the main problem of not having a usable broadband connection from about 4pm onward during the week, we now have to periodically switch the router off and back on again because while the lights are on, nothing is working and today for the second time in 12 days we have completely lost the broadband service for several hours (from midday till 3:30pm today). I feel a Mr Angry moment coming on.

Hopefully I will make it out for a ride one night this week, not sure which one time and weather will tell.

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unwanted visit from the toothache fairy

I have only ever had toothache twice, the first time was earlier this year and it hurt, the second is now and is a lot more painful. I will be phoning the the dentist tomorrow morning to see if I can get in and see him but I can’t see him any earlier than tomorrow afternoon as I have a meeting in the morning which I have cancelled twice already so can’t really cancel again.

Was considering riding the Dorset Dirt a 30 mile cross country ride on Sunday but had been biding my time to see what the weather was going to be like on Sunday. With all this rain we have had and now with the toothache, I am not sure if I will enjoy riding on Sunday, especially if you check out the weatherforecast (below) from Met Check

Sunday forecast, er a bit windy

Looks like it will be a bit windy 😮 Looking at Met Office for Sundays forecast is showing rain so I may not do the ride.

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in a grump

For the past couple of weeks my new blog posted message has not been appearing on Facebook. After much messing about I gave up with the WordPress plug-in and went in search of a new plug-in, wish I had not bothered. These status up-daters seem to work (or not in my case) by linking a mobile phone to your Facebook account and fooling Facebook into thinking that the blog update message is in fact a Facebook status update (which I guess it is in away). Now there seem to be something wrong with Facebook as it won’t let me “Activate a Phone”. Everytime I try it keeps coming back saying that the confirmation code it sent me (like 10 seconds ago) is invalid (its only 6 digits long) and I have now tried so many times I am now blocked from trying anymore!! So now I waiting for the Facebook help forum to help me out, not holding my breath………………

With winds around 30mph and gust to 49mph I decided today was not a good day to go for a cycle, locally or Swindon (as I had planned). So instead I went for a walk and quick sand blast along the beach at Sandbanks. Got back in time to watch the rugby this afternoon 6 Nations matches. I think the poorest display from the 3 matches was the Irish, they only just beat the Italian who I think were unlucky to lose. England got off to a great start last night, it was not brilliant as there were to many mistakes. France put in a solid display this afternoon which won them the support of there fans after the fans boo-ed them of the pitch late last year after a large defeat. Scotland showed they had fight and the spirit to win so I would have to put Scotland above Wales, so my totally “Unofficial arm chair supporter don’t know what I am talking about league table of who had the best match” for the first round of the 6 nations look like this

1 France
2 England
3 Scotland
4 Italy
5 Wales
6 Ireland

Like I said, what do I know……………

Hopefully the wind will have dropped enough tomorrow for me to go for a ride, not sure where I am going to ride yet as I don’t know what the river level is like so will have to see what the morning brings

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no longer a virgin

Some regular readers of this blog may wonder what the hell I am on about as I have mentioned having two children. Well it is all to do with mountain bike trail centres, I went to the Gisburn Forest in the Ribble valley over the weekend. It was my first time I have ever been to a mountain bike trail centre and it was hard but enjoyable fun. For those of you who don’t know what a trail centre is, it is a site (in this case a forest) with specially laid out track for mountain bike riding. These range from gentle down hill single tracks to twisty, rock strewn paths and death defying drops all supposedly to be ridden on a mountain bike.

To make it a little more interesting I was still suffering from the throat infection from hell, so breathing was going to be fun. Fortunately the trail centre is in a valley which blocked a lot of the howling wind which was sweeping a cross the camp site a quarter of a mile away. Once down in the tree and with the sun breaking through the temperature started to rise.

A group of ten riders set out with me being the novice of the group but they all aided and encouraged me all the way round waiting at the end of each section for me to catch up. The hills were the killer for me especially the one that was basically a rock garden you had to ride up.

I took one or two tumbles during the four hours riding and as the afternoon wore my energy levels began to train to the point where I was offered a bit more technical riding (read for riding in the rock garden) or going to the pub, guess where I went?

Sat in the beer garden at the back of the pub in the sun (the pub blocking that wind again), a pint of larger has never tasted so good. After about half an hour there must have been about 25 riders at the pub enjoying a pleasant end to the afternoons ride…………with the exception of one young lad, he had travelled with a group of friend for a days ride at Gisburn but unfortunately he fell at a particular steep section and injured his elbow (possibly broken), so being a perfect group of mates they left him to find his own way back to the pub and he had to push his own bike about a 3 mile walk, think he needs to get some new mates!!

All in all it was a great weekend, met many new friends and had a very pleasant couple of days away, parties of Friday night and Saturday were good fun, Hawaiian theme for the men on Saturday, most men had the Hawaiian shorts over there thermal leggings and their thick wind proof coats under their Hawaiian shirts, made for an interesting look.

With the weather closing in on Sunday (after I woke up early to a lovely blue sky) it was a day to pack up and get ready for the 295 mile trek home. Six hours 20 minutes later which included a diversion as the M40 was shut (and was probably longer than the 295 miles) we arrived home. All we had to do next was unpack ready for me to take the motorhome back in the morning.

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