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the lorry driver

Love them or hate them the lorry and its driver is a apart of everybodies daily live. They collected the milk from the farm that you are pouring on your cereal, they delivered the fuel that is your car that you are driving to work. They delivered the chairs that you sit on at work, they delivered the food to the shop where you are buying your sandwich for lunch. What ever your feelings about them, they play a major part of our life’s.

I cant think of anything that does not travel by lorry, ok maybe not electricity then but how many items that comes to your house have not journeyed on a lorry as part of their travel?

Much of my early life has involved lorries, my dad was a lorry driver and many a school summer holidays (and many other days as well) was spent sat in the passenger seat as he drove the lorry around the south of England delivering to farms (company he worked for delivered grain and animal feed). In time I started working for the same company in the garage servicing the lorries for a few years. I then moved out to Australia for 18 months servicing a fleet of refuge trucks. That was the last time I had any direct contact with trucks, I have had a few jobs since that have seen me loading or unloading lorries.

The picture below is the earliest type of lorry I can remember my dad driving, I don’t know if he drove this actual one I know there were three of them based at Poole in Dorset and he drove one of them for a while, the lorry in the picture was registered in 1963 and I am guessing I can remember dad driving one around 1967\68 (I never got to work on the lorry below but they still had one of those trailers and that was in the early 1980’s)


The reason for this reminiscing is my dad died 11 years ago on the 10th Nov. I never took up the lorry driving (although I did drive the lorries around the Poole site which gave me a small insight into driving them), I left the driving to my younger brother who pasted his HGV 1 test the day before dad died and now drives up and down the country in a custom painted Mercedes articulated lorry.


dalton trio-in-pink


The first picture is a close up of the “The Hangover”, which my brother drives. Named and painted after the film The Hangover The second picture shows all three custom painted lorries on the Dalton Fleet, the other two being Rocky and The Avengers. This picture was taken at a benefit run in support of a local girl (Southampton where Daltons are based) who had died from cancer (hence the pink ribbons on the front). The final picture show that these lorries are not just for show they have to earn a living and here they are parked up at Lymm Truck stop on their way to Scotland a couple of weeks ago.

While many lorries driver go to work on a Monday morning and are back home for tea that night, many lorry drivers leave home one days and then don’t return home again for five or six days. Some lorry drivers even drive overnight, how do you think you got that parcel delivered to you on next day delivery??

So the next time you are about to shout at a lorry that is holding you up, think before you shout at it, because without that lorry many of the things you take for granted in your life may not be there if that lorry was not trundling along in front of you.

Drive safely everybody

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the road ahead

Well I am glad to say at last that somebody has left the light on at the end of the tunnel and each days it is growing a little brighter as the end of the tunnel gets closer. Yes things are starting to look up, I am no longer the sole money earner, what was for the wife a 6 week temp job has turned into 2 weeks temp work and then move to a permanent job with another company, so that is a large weight of our minds.

We have also booked the plumber to come and sort out the water tank leak that has been plaguing us for months, hopefully I will soon get a nights sleep without the accompanying sound of dripping water!

I wish I could say that my cycling is getting better, it is not. Went riding with my son at Moors Valley country park last weekend. The plan was to do one or two laps of the trail with him and then go off and play on my own. Well he decided that he only wanted to do one lap so I set off on a slightly faster second lap on my own, it was not long before I wished I had started out a bit slower. By the end of the second lap I was done for. Had to call it a day and go home.

Having problem publishing video at the moment, hopefully this will work. I was intending to post a different song but could not find the decent video that went with it, but saw this one on the list of other songs available and thought why not

At last got the video to show


it has been a long time

Well 15 days since my last post to be exact, feels a hell of a lot longer.

Life is still tough, wife is still job searching and getting the occasional interview but still waiting for the nod. Life is still tough and has not been helped by two major failures at work in the last 7 days. Fortunately in both cases we were part way towards replacing the points of failure but still a couple of weeks away from doing so. So the weeks of planning and testing were thrown in the bin and replaced with 2 days of it has to work now, followed by days of mopping up the problems left over, oh the joys of IT.

I had planned to go for a bike ride last Sunday except that I got the phone call from work regarding one of the failures which meant I had to go into work and deal with that instead of riding, maybe this weekend I will get out.

I am not going to bore you any further but hopefully when I post back here next time I will have some good news to report

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the long haul

Up early tomorrow morning and heading for head office to put in my weekly appearance, a few thing to do but totally lacking in enthusiasm for the trip, maybe at 5:15am tomorrow I will feel differently………

Life is catching up with me today, the day started well and I felt ok when I got back from Northampton this afternoon but since then it has been down hill. Just finished doing some work on the servers at work, fortunately I was able to do it remotely but have to leave it to this late hour so nobody is on them.

Well only a short blog to night, going to see if I can get my head straight and to bed early to await the 5:15am alarm call.

British heart foundation banner

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I’m beginning to wonder

It was weigh in night tonight and as you can guess from the title it was not a good weigh in. I gained, only a pound but I can’t understand why? I am eating more sensibly, I’m eating less, I am riding 30 + plus miles over a weekend and I’m still putting “bleep” weight on, sorry I am so wound up over this I am scaring myself. I spent years not giving a toss about my weight or my health but now I am becoming dam paranoid about my weight loss or more to the point the lack off.

At the moment I am at a loss with what to do, I’m really struggling to understand why and with life as it is at the moment I am getting to the stage I am beginning to wonder if the weight loss is worth it?

Now add in the fact I did not have a good evening yesterday and had a very late night, work started harassing me early, well they would of done if I was awake, the alarm went off and as I was working from home today I turned the alarm off, bad move. By the time I awoke a second time, got up (I felt like a zombie) and then found my mobile (which was not hard really as it was flashing like a hazard light), I had a three answer phone messages, three text messages telling me I had three answer phone messages as well as a list of three missed calls on my phone, all from work. They only wanted to tell me a phone system had died and wanted to know what was I going to do about it? Well despite the fact that I had sent the manager the relevant contact details of whom to phone in an event like this in the past, despite the fact that the contact details are on the front of the phone system box on the wall, they still phone me (and a director to tell him they have a dead phone system, who then phones me) to tell me they don’t know who to phone! I knew I should of stayed in bed.

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