Think we need training!

By | 13/11/2019

As lunch time approached so did the gathering of men around the microwave to cook\warm up their lunch at work today. One guy who had obviously not used the microwave previously was pressing all the button in a vain attempt to get the microwave to start. Fortunately for the random button presser another worker showed him which button to press to set the timer up in 30 second increments with his instance meal being cooked (used the term loosely) in 4 minutes.

There then followed a discussion between half a dozen blokes about how difficult it was to operate the microwave, comparison with the microwave they have at home and the remembrance of earlier microwaves when a simple twist dial on the front of the microwave allowed you to set the time and another dial the temperature. Now these new fangled devices with their LED readouts, loads of buttons leading to endless menu’s and sub menus confuse the hell of of us men and require a degree to operate.

I bet you women out there are laughing your heads off at us men, with your superior air as you remove your defrosted meats from the microwave which have defrosted perfection without part cooking the meat or still being solid in the middle. The soup is hot, not luke warm or volcano hot. Well you can all laugh a bit harder, the office floor this took place on house’s the companies IT teams from programmers to system administrators, regardless of our occupation the microwave confuse’s the hell out of us men.

Sorry you are not qualified to use this device!!

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