a broken wrist, leaving moving and rebuilding

By | 01/08/2021

As I mention in the first post on here I lost two post when I moved the the web hosting, I am not sure what happened, I had backups of the data but when I came to repost the pages from the blog they were not there. This was not helped by a lost password for one of the database but I managed to recover everything bar two post so I will settle with that. So this post is just a recap on what has happened in the last couple of months.

Well the title is a bit dramatic suggesting one of use has a broken wrist, well its not me. The wife lost an argument with a pavement came away with a fractured radial bone in the right wrist and a badly bruised Knee. Before I go into details, would just like to mention the help from the local community. The had decided to pop over to the local chemist, a 5 minute walk from home, soon after leaving there is a frantic banging on the front door, I opened it to find a total stranger gasping for breath and between gasps told me my wife was less than 100mtr away in a side road sat on the pavement where she had fallen. I thanked him (and that was the last I ever saw of him) called my son and legged it towards the scene of the accident. As I rounded the corner I could see the wife sat on the pavement with three people in attendant and another person watching from his garden (turned out that he was not being nosy but had seem my wife fall while he was in his kitchen and had called an ambulance. Many cars drove past some slowed down to offer assistance I was in fact surprised by the number that did slow down and offer. After some 30 minutes the gentleman in his garden said he would call the ambulance service again, after talking to them for about 5 minutes he passed the phone to me and I was speaking to a paramedic. The basic were all Ambulances were busy on emergency calls so the Paramedic went through some basic checking the wife for other issue (bump to the head etc. which surprisingly there was not). The Paramedic made the suggestion that we could wait for an ambulance (and were were moving into evening rush hour) or I could drive her to hospital. We opted to drive her to hospital, so I went back home got the car picked the wife off the pavement, thanked every body for there help and headed for the local hospital.

After sitting in the car park for three hours waiting for the wife she eventually returned to the car with her wrist in a wrist strap and a note to return on Monday morning. Well 6 weeks later I can say that the wrist is doing well, unfortunately the Knee and and an old injury which has returned due to the knee injury is not doing so well

Female Red Eyed damsel fly
Female Red Eyed damsel fly having captured its lunch decided to eat it on the wife’s shoulder

Moving your web hosting can go easy or painfully, mine was well slightly painful, If I had though about it I could of over lapped the hosting packages so that there would not of been any downtime, but expecting the old hosting company to come through with what they promised and a large increase in cost I was not prepared for the move so while I had a few weeks before the hosting ended I had nothing in place to replace it with.

I found a new hosting company, Webhosting UK they offered everything I wanted at a reasonable cost. Signing up was not as easy as it should of been and I had to call support because it kept telling me I had not entered my credit card details which was true because it had not asked me to. Eventually that was sorted, I started the transfer of some domain names to the new hosting company and slow things started to move slowly, made sure I had backups of the old site, realised I had lost a password, worked out how to get around that. Well here we are 5 days after the old hosting ended and I have 95% back up and running.

I am going to leave there for now, I have an account for the wife to setup, she will post on here……………..