Sorry we are not all there yet

By | 04/09/2021

I was hoping to be posting more regularly but life has a way of tripping you up when you least expect it, without going into to much detail, they found a little nasty in a blood test I had a couple of months ago, at the moment it is all ok (they don’t want to see me for a 12 month) but it can get nasty in the long term in a percentage of people. It took me a little while to get my head around the issue to the point where I am ok with it, so that where I am now.

You may have noticed the gallery is……… well a bit of a bloody mess, I have not the lay out I want yet, I just can not get it to look and work the way I want it to. So with everything else going on every time I looked I tried to sort it I got frustrated and gave up, so it still a mess. I have to sort it out as I have some holiday snaps to post (no not the cheesy beach shot in my budgie smugglers) so will have to resolve it soon.

I will be posting about our holiday shortly but while the AIr Show is currently on locally, here one of plane that will not be at the air show as it is currently grounded at Imperial War Museum Duxford but we got to see when we visited Duxford

BBMF Lancaster
BBMF City of Lincoln Lancaster waiting for maintenance in Duxfords main Display Hangar