Just a small update

By | 28/11/2021

Just a small update from my post on Friday, after being happy with the way the fish was responding after being moved to his own small tank and being treated for his aliments, I came down to breakfast on Saturday and was surprised find  him dead in the tank. I have had fish in a worse state than him whop have moped around barely moving from day to day survive, but this guy was showing all the sign of progressing…

Today I decided that I needed to get some practice my next project the coming weeks, so I built my self a Ship in a Bottle

Lego Ship in a bottle

Out on the high sea’s

OK so it was a Lego model that my Kids got me for father days earlier this year. If you remember from my last post I mentioned a I have been watching a Lego model and to my surprise it dropped to £30 above the price I said I was prepared to pay for it. I was fully intend of sticking to my guns and not buying it unless it dropped below the price I was prepared to pay.  Well my son said he was prepared to pay the £30 as part on my Christmas\Birthday present. I had run out of excuses now not to but it so I bit the bullet and ordered it. It certainly the largest one I have ever purchased and most expensive, this thing is nearly 2 feet long and 12″ high (and no it is not the newly released Star Wars AT AT), but you will have to wait a bit longer before I say what it is. Contemplating is I need to start one on my other models for practice, I have 4 to choose from……