the end is nigh

By | 31/12/2021

Its 11pm on the 31st December,  I am stuffed. Waited 3 hours for the take out to be delivered (was told 2.5hrs). Apparently the take away has been taking orders for tonight since 17:00 when they opened on the 30th!! I can not wait to see the back of 2021, even more so December, it has just been one thing after another.

I have already mention (how bad) xmas in my last blog, but I never mention the central heating failing. It all started with my son choosing to have his third Covid Jab on the 23rd. He had the Astra Zeneca for his previous jabs and they floored him. Well the third jab was a Pfizer. He had the side affects again but this time it was a lot milder and slower to take affect than previously. One of those side affects was getting hot, so we turned the Central Heating off. Well Xmas eve arrived and we failed to notice the central heating had not turned back on. No matter what we tried the heating would not turn on, we had hot water, no central heating. It was still quite mild so we decided to put off calling the heating company till Wednesday 29th.

Tuesday night (28th) we find a puddle of water in the kitchen. We found the outside tap stop cock which is under the kitchen sink was leaking. Fortunately this was something I could handle myself, yet sticking my head under the sink was not fun. But why why did it start leaking??

I rang early Wednesday, got told that I would get a call from the engineer before he arrived but they could not when that would be. The engineer called just before 11am to say he was 10 minutes away. He duly arrived and I showed him where the boiler was and he started the tapping and then bang he hit the pump with a screw driver! Its working now he declares, the pump was ceased but is now running. Is that it fixed, not sure was the reply. After much deliberation it was decided the central heating system was far from fixed, in fact it was dead. Apparently the cold water fill pipe from the header tank to the pump was blocked solid, a new pump, pipe work and £800 lighter.

Well we had been intending to replace the central heating  as it was over 20yrs old. So now I have to wait till everybody returns to work so that quotes can raised and submitted. A lottery win would be useful at this time.

So why am I sat here writing this rather than partying, well I am not a party animal. I may have had my moment in the past, but now a days, can’t be bothered. Last time we went out on New Years Eve 1999. I am currently being well lubricated with Gin and Tonic listening to Planet Rock and writing my blog. Just installed some new plugin’s (I have a habit of doing that late at night after a drink or three).

OK, Look after yourselves in the remaining minutes of 2021 and may 2022 bring us all health and happiness (and better plumbing)