776 days……….

By | 10/01/2022

It has been a long time, 776 day of waiting. I have been offered a refund, been offered cancellation, found the date had changed without notification. We stuck with our original intention intention, to see the Money for Nothing – Dire Straits tribute band.

A cold wet Saturday night saw us walking from the car park two our venue. I enjoyed the walk so much I did it a second time as I forgot to pickup my face mask and had to back and collect it. Out venue was the the Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne, Dorset. One of those old theatre, derelict for years util the local community brought them back to life. My first visit there having lived in the area for 6o plus years. It had the old world feel about the place, would of felt nicer if they had opened the doors earlier rather than waiting standing in the rain.

The old style was all around even down to the old style theatre seat. But these seats were without the droopy bit in the middle, even reasonable leg space. We waited in the fog for the band to appear

smokey Stage

Tivoli Theatre covered in stage smoke

Before long the band was on stage playing the first of two sets. Watching a tribute band you get hear all your favourites. A very enjoyable evening (except the wet walk  back to the car.

The Central heating Saga continues, we have had one plumber round to view for a quote. We have another two in the next couple of days, then wait for the quotes to roll in. The car saga continues but is going no where. Tried contacting the other person insurance 3 times. I still have to make the four attempt.

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