Sometimes you see the strangest things

By | 05/07/2022

A few weeks ago I mentioned the Poole Quay Dream Machines  Road Legal F2 SideCar   Well the following week we were attending and we saw something special. Was it the Black and Gold John Player Special (JPS) Livery? Was it the fact that it was no more than 30″ talls and carried two?? Was it the fact that it had come off a race track?? There was one thing for sure, it turned a lot of heads.

It was in fact a 1980 era F2 Windle Sidecar, when the current owners purchased the bike it was in boxes. It has already been put on the road but a blown engine had had resulted in it being dismantled for a full rebuild. Unfortunately the rebuild never took place. The new owner squeezed  a Suzuki 900 Fireblade motor in to the frame. Then added all the ancillary parts that come with a motor like that. Check out the Gallery   for a few more images of such a beautiful looking sidecar

It looks like a toy