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Poole Quay Dream Machines

By | 26/06/2022

Locals know it as bike night, when a couple of thousand motorbike’s descend on Poole Quay. Everything  replica racer to an old moped. They do this for nothing more then being oggled at by the public. About half mile of Poole quay is closed to motor vehicles (but not mortorbikes). You can walk among the… Read More »

Old farts follows Glastonbury

By | 25/06/2022

Never been to Glastonbury and will need to improve both fitness and health to feel the benefit of going. So I normally follow the festival via social media, TV, radio. This year my favourite so far have been Khruangbin. Have enjoyed this Texas 3 piece band, impressed with their mix of mellow old & modern… Read More »

Apologies, my world has gone upside down

By | 22/06/2022

So if you had visited this web site in the last few weeks you may have noticed nothing posted for a couple of months and possibly a completely blank page. The blank page first, some of you may have noticed that this is a WordPress site, well it seems as though my WordPress took it… Read More »

the curse of Fujitsu is no more

By | 20/03/2022

Following on from last week After last weeks story about the Fujitsu PC, it is worth ending the story to say the PC is no more, having added the additional fans, cleaned out all the other fans and heatsinks, and reapply new thermal paste to the processor. It did not solve the issue with the… Read More »

The Curse of the Fujitsu

By | 13/03/2022

A few years ago In my previous job I bought a Fujitsu PC for the marketing dept. It had a good spec and it did the job they wanted. But as the years past their (marketing dept.)  demand grew as did the demand on the OS. Soon I was being asked to upgrade a few… Read More »

pssst, whats your Password?

By | 06/03/2022

I am an IT person, no I am not super nerdy, no I can not hack in to somebody bank account while sat in an airport coffee lounge before leaving the country. I can build a PC, I can sort out a lot of my own problems, I can do very basic programming and scripting.… Read More »


By | 20/02/2022

Having spent Christmas and the New Year with out central heating which is now fixed,  why have the lights not working and the washing machine throws an error. Why when you try to contact a tradesman through Check a Trade, they fail to even acknowledge you. Why when you are shopping online and the web… Read More »

776 days……….

By | 10/01/2022

It has been a long time, 776 day of waiting. I have been offered a refund, been offered cancellation, found the date had changed without notification. We stuck with our original intention intention, to see the Money for Nothing – Dire Straits tribute band. A cold wet Saturday night saw us walking from the car… Read More »

the end is nigh

By | 31/12/2021

Its 11pm on the 31st December,  I am stuffed. Waited 3 hours for the take out to be delivered (was told 2.5hrs). Apparently the take away has been taking orders for tonight since 17:00 when they opened on the 30th!! I can not wait to see the back of 2021, even more so December, it… Read More »