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everything changes

By | 08/04/2023

Based on my previous posts I should have been redundant now or starting a new job on Tuesday 11th April. But things have a strange way of moving off in a different direction, so to keep a long story short I am still employed. With just a week to go I was offered the opportunity… Read More »

on the job hunt again

By | 19/03/2023

It was confirmed that I was to be made redundant on the 7th April just over a week ago. I had worked that out many weeks prior but the company dragged their heels letting us officially know. SO not it back to producing and updating CV and submitting application to job agencies. But here is… Read More »

the end is nigh

By | 25/12/2022

as the end approaches… Some families have great Family names, house of Windsor, house of Tudor, house of Targaryen, we are known as the House of Lurgy!! We all have this damm head\throat\chest cold virus thing. The wife has been at it for 5 weeks now and has just gone onto Steroids and Anti Bio… Read More »