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everything changes

By | 08/04/2023

Based on my previous posts I should have been redundant now or starting a new job on Tuesday 11th April. But things have a strange way of moving off in a different direction, so to keep a long story short I am still employed. With just a week to go I was offered the opportunity… Read More »

blog update and bits

By | 19/12/2021

Evening all, just a quick post to say that we have now linked the page to our Twitter page, we are not going to do the full social media thing, it is simply there to give you a means of contact us and let us know what you think. If you want to say its… Read More »

Just a small update

By | 28/11/2021

Just a small update from my post on Friday, after being happy with the way the fish was responding after being moved to his own small tank and being treated for his aliments, I came down to breakfast on Saturday and was surprised find  him dead in the tank. I have had fish in a… Read More »