Two little updates

By | 19/09/2021

Hopefully the Gallery images issue are not sorted so I should not be able to start posting some of those old images I have, Unfortunately still working of sorting videos. If anything on these pages has interested you, would like to know more or simply tell me what you think, email blog at windriders dot… Read More »

An oldie but a Goodie

By | 19/09/2021

Technology never lasts in this day and age, youngster want the latest whizzie phone because they can’t be seen with last year model. They have to have the fastest processor, newest graphic card, latest OS and when something newer comes out they want that the previous machine is rubbish. Many of you have probably seen… Read More »

Plan B….or is it C

By | 05/09/2021

The talk turned to holidays earlier in the year and with Covid (C19) still around decided that holidays abroad was not for us this year. Go somewhere different she who must be obeyed (SHMBO) said although no suggestion as to where that was was forthcoming and that is how it stayed for a few weeks.… Read More »

the rise of the phoenix!

By | 28/07/2021

At the beginning of July my hosting was due for renewal, I took the plunge and moved to a new hosting company, I grabbed the web pages, my emails and domains hauled them across the net to there new home and like any move there was total disarray all over the place. Wont bore you… Read More »