To old for school

By | 31/10/2021

Well today I start my training course for work, I have had a couple of glimpse at the online material but to days is the day I start properly. I am certainly the oldest in our group at work but being on the wrong side of sixty I would of thought that I was heading to oldest pupil territory? Anybody know any older persons doing training courses?

We have all had that moment when we had to tell the boss  there is a problem at home (especially those still working from home as I am) and you need to stop work and sort it out, here is mine from earlier in the week:

Me: Boss I have a problem here at home I need to sort it out now I will be back as quick as I can

Boos: Whats up?

Me: er, one of my fish has got its self stuck in the filter outlet pipe

Boss : oh

15 minutes later

Me: I am back

Boss: how is the fish

Me: last seen swimming to its hole in the rocks

Boss: Hooray


Petricola Catfish, this is not my fish but he looks like this

Not sure how long he had been there but one of my Synodontis Petricola catfish had decided it wanted to see what the inside of the filter outlet pipe looked like, you could only see the rear halve of his 4 inch nose to tail long body hanging out of the outlet. I could not pull the fish out as they have barbs on there gill flaps and pectoral fins which would dig into the plastic.I turned the filter off and then started to remove the head of the filter outlet from the outlet pipe. While I was doing this the fish decided to swim further into the filter head (as there was no flow trying to push him back) and then swam out of the other outlet, (the filter head is sort of Y shaped, the input come up the straight in to a round ball like area where the two outlets  leave the ball chamber to form the Y). I watched him swim to the bottom of the tank and into hiding in the rocks, hopefully he will not be so inquisitive in the future. I is nice to have a good boss as well.

The router hacking is still on going at present, I have revised my word list which hopefully will help, I am using a wordlist  which is holding around 49 million (329mb) words (or 6 digit word upper and lower case letter and numbers). It taking around 22 to 26 hours to complete each wordlist although the current one will have taken some 4.5 days when it finishes on Tuesday, not sure why though.

Tuesday brings me on nicely to my next IT problem, Virgin have given my 5 days notice they are turning the broadband connection off on Tuesday for “Essential Maintenance”, we do not know what time or for how long but it is rumoured to be to upgrade the street box equipment ready for 1Gbit service. I have a plan to be able to continue to work but a new mobile sim card has failed to turn up so it has till Monday to do so otherwise my plans as all undone.