Same old, same old

By | 14/11/2021

So not a lot has really happened since my last posting, just seem to be, putting my hand in my pocket over and over again, not big amounts but those small ones that all add up and you wonder where the money has gone. Virgin Media were due to do some work in our area (nice to tell us, last time they stuck a card through the door 10 minutes after the service went off). I have been toying with the idea to purchase a mobile router that takes a sim card, so I ordered a router then ordered a Sim Card from Smarty, they allow you a monthly service so if you only want it for a day (like me) you buy the sim card stick it in the router, hook it up to my next work and hey presto I am still on line. Checked and the card will be with me in two days. 5 days later I am on the asking where my sim card was, “oh if it has not arrived sir, then we can order you another”, will it be with me by 7am tomorrow morning ? “no sir” so what good is it going to be to me?? Cancelled the account, sim card never turned up. As it turned out we were only offline for about 12 minutes then we were all back on again.

Bought a new case and a new screen protectors for the new mobile, as the new phone is bigger had to buy a new phone holder for the car, again nothing expensive but just those little payments that are easily overlooked.

Bought a new electric shaver (well rechargeable batteries), was fed up with my furry chin. I hate shaving at the best of the time plus the cost of the blades for shaving I decided to grab the shaver I saw on offer. The wife prefers my hairless looks and I prefer it, but still hate shaving.

Ordered a set of wiper blades for the car (must be the most expense things in the world next to razor blades and inkjet for printers), set of 3 blades. Was going to order online to get them cheaper, but knowing what wiper blades are like I foresaw the hassle of being sent the wrong type, so I ordered them from local company, went to the shop to collect them, gave me three blades, went home, fitted two of them, rear wiper blade looked like it was made for the space shuttle all the extra tabs and arms, back to the shop, got the correct one, back home and fitted, now only two of the three screen washers work. Wipers had been on the car since I bought the car three years ago so I guess they  had done there job, still have the washer to sort.

Bought a couple of books for my work course, we don’t have to buy a book the online course has all the materiel that you should need but but I felt it would help, so another expense

Thursday night the kitchen light failed, well it was 17+ year old (it was here when we moved in), a 4ft Florescent tube, we did have a buy a new starter for it a few years ago so I guess we have had our moneys worth out of it.  Florescent tube light have now gone the way of the old incandescence light bulb, they are no longer available. I bet I could have found one if I really wanted to and spent the time, but cooking dinner but but candle light is not as romantic as dinner by candle light and after the first night of cooking by candle light I was left in no doubt that if I wanted some peace and quiet then I better get a new light fitting. A new round 15″ Led light was duly ordered and arrived, as I duly read of the spec (like waterproof etc.) I was told that if it was not as bright as the old light there would be no peace and quiet until it was.

So this morning my son and I duly removed the old Florescent light unit (yes we turned the power off and checked it was off as well), fitting went very well, there was a long tail of cable for the light, fitting the new lights retaining bar proved easier than expected. Fitting the wires and then securing the light to the retaining bracket was awkward. We turned the power on and tested the light and it brighten the kitchen up (it grey overcast type of day). Went to double check the retaining screws that held the light on the bar and it fell off the ceiling whacking my son on the knuckles for good measure. Spent another 10 minutes refitting the light to the retaining bar. Now the lower two thirds on the kitchen is well lit and brighter than the old Florescent tube, but as the new light is by design a down lighter the top third of the kitchen is dark (this is where the Florescent tube lit the area in a 360 degree radius).

Work is still work but I only have one Friday to work in 2021, which is the 31st December, to use some of my holiday up I have booked every Friday off until the end of the year, so some nice three day weekends.