well that was a carp week

By | 12/12/2021

Yes that is a deliberate spelling mistake in the title. So I have just had 6 days holiday (6 working days, 10 days in total), what a crap week it was. Just before the holiday started I had to threaten legal action at a company over a non-delivered order. Planned xmas shopping trips were cancelled due to the wife’s legs problems (I won’t be going into details about this in this post as we intend to put this write this up a a separate story). My car was got hit in a car park and finally the company I work for, the intended take over failed so now every bodies jobs are now up in the air.

So if you read my last short blog I ordered a Lego model, 7 days std delivery, well after 8 days no model, no notification absolutely nothing, so I emailed them and asked where it was, I got a reply stating that, the order had been processed and would have to wait upto 30 days for delivery and as it was now processed and awaiting delivery I could not cancel the order. The whole tone of the email annoyed me some what, so I replied to them stating that I had agreed to their delivery date and that if fact formed a contract, I gave them 14 days to deliver the item or I would take legal action. Now I don’t know it the process continued on own slow journey or a rattled somebodies cage and they made sure that it was delivered, but the Lego model arrived the 8th Dec. Strangely I ordered 4 things from this company of those 4 things only one arrived within its 7 day standard delivery, the two (2 of the same item in two different sizes) arrived on the 10th Dec. So if you want something to arrive on time then don’t order from Zavvi, there Facebook page have messages from many people who are kept waiting for their orders.

Now Car park bumps normally get a bad rap as the person that has done the damage is prone to leaving the scene of the incident and leaves no calling card. We had gone out to a local supermarket to do a little Christmas shopping, as I approached our car a lady came up and asked me if this was my car, I said yes where upon she started to apologise profusely as she had hit our car with her car.  As we walked around to the passenger side front (I approached our car from the driver side) she proceeded to tell that she hit our front bumper, there were scratches on the bumper and a rather large crease in the wing. We swapped details and took photo’s and I tried to calm the lady down, she was upset just kept apologising, I told her these things happen and not to worry. I said I would get some quotes and send them on to her. I spent several hours one morning running around Bodyshops to get a quote, many years ago part of my job included dealing with bodies shops, but today, one of those bodies shop has gone, the two other that I knew the owners off have changed hands  and you no-longer get a couple of A4 pages listing out the job, the parts and the estimated cost, now it is a small A5 card with the bodyshop details on and an area where they simply give a brief outline of the job and the estimated cost. Obviously the bodyshop world must be overloaded with work as I still waiting for one of the estimates after three days. The other estimates are with the  the lady who bumped into me who has now informed me she has Covid!!

[For some reason the following paragraph got lost (or at least part of it did) when the page was originally posted on the 12th December, the page was updated with the missing wording on the 19th Dec.]

My current employer has been in the midst of a takeover for a while, the 10th Dec was the big day of the shareholders vote, the company lost the vote, take over has failed rival are circling like vultures and we don’t know what is likely to happen. It is not really the way I wanted to go into xmas having to worry about my future employment, but it is something out of my control.

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