blog update and bits

By | 19/12/2021

Evening all, just a quick post to say that we have now linked the page to our Twitter page, we are not going to do the full social media thing, it is simply there to give you a means of contact us and let us know what you think. If you want to say its is crap that your choice but I would like constructive criticism but I can play at the same level as you……….

After posting last weeks blog, I noticed that there a paragraph missing, not sure what happen but I know I wrote it but it was not on the page, so I have now redone the page with the missing bit added back in.

We will be posting another post later today regarding Karen legs and the connection to her fractured wrist earlier in the year.

Last full week next week at work (well I have only been working Mon – Thurs since mid November to use up some holiday), finish on the 23rd then not back in again until the 30th & 31st

The car is still sporting it custom bulge on the passenger wing, that will be a new year sort out, insurance companies have been informed, I received the missing quote for the repair, a week after the viewing not bad considering I was told I would have the quote later that day or by midday the following day.

The big Lego model build has come to a halt, a missing part is the cause and not helped by the actions of Lego’s web site which is refusing to allow me to order said missing part.