midweek good news update

By | 23/12/2021

Forgot to mention that our daughter had her booster over the weekend and our son had his today, thankfully unlike the last two Astra Zeneca injections, this was  Pfizer and it has not hit him like a sledgehammer, he has a dead arm mind you but he can live with that. Strangely the daughter has not had any of her injections locally, she lives 3 miles max from us and all her injection have been in Southampton while the wife’s, sons and mine have all been through our local surgery and done locally but at least we are now covered.

More good news from the wife, she went to her normal leg appointment on Tuesday, they unwrapped her leg (the one still in compression) and then asked if she had her right leg support sock with her (they are custom made for each leg), her leg had cleared up enough to stop the compression bandaging and put her in her compression socks, by the time she got home she was grinning like the cat who had the cream.

As  a family we are all off work for Christmas, the son goes back to work Monday (the joys of retail) and the wife and I go back Thursday.  Early tomorrow one our Christmas Traditions starts,  at 6am to be exact as we hit the local supermarket. It started as a way to ensure the kids went to sleep Christmas evening, get them up super early, go shopping for the last minutes bits and then keep them awake all day, then come bed time they were really tired and we had no issues with midnight ninja’s waiting for Santa. Enjoy the shopping early morning because I am not getting pushed or shoved like I would if we hit the supermarket at 11am……….

Well a Merry Xmas to you all, have an enjoyable weekend with family and look after yourself