what happened to my Christmas?

By | 26/12/2021

Everything was going well, finished work Thursday night, planned our early morning raid on Sainsbury (as I outlined in my last post), go to bed. The 5:30am alarm goes off and I am in pain, my big toe on my left foot is throbbing, even wearing a sock hurts (no not gout). I have a pain in my…………er nether region (just don’t ask) which also means everytime I move I hurt which when you consider my toe is doing the same thing I am not off to a great start.

I do the Sainsbury shop through gritted teeth, get back home for breakfast, the rest of the morning is just stuff to do around the house a getting ready for Christmas and a quick trip to Lidls. I just sit down trying not to move or hurt. Mid afternoon its a trip out to drop cards and pressie to friends and family, managed to scream in the car when I pressed the clutch with my toes rather than the ball of my foot, only did it once. Got back home and decided to have a bath to see if that would improve thing, not really and things were about to get worse. Chinese take away was ordered for evening meal (another Christmas Tradition) then came my next problem. As cleaning was on going the Chinese turns up early and the Dyson get left in an in appropriate place, with Chinese in hand I walked into the lounge and found inappropriately left Dyson with the toes of my right foot. I managed to save my dinner from going all over the sofa, several loud words were spoken and blood leaked from the cut on my toe. When I got to eating my Chinese, it was luke warm at best, tried the Microwave trick but while it was hotter, it tasted worse, probably the worst meal we had from our “local Chinese”. Now with pain emanating from three point of my body I spent the rest of the night in front of the PC trying not to move.

Christmas day I awake in a little less pain than the day before, because I sat down stairs trying not to move yesterday I still had some wrapping to do so I do the wrapping before venturing downstairs. Breakfast, well there was confusion, despite discussing breakfast with the other half and getting the ingredients in for said breakfast, apparently I had agreed for breakfast to become a starter for xmas lunch!! No we don’t have a starter because xmas lunch is big enough on its own.  Eventually breakfast is served and I can go pick up my daughter, then the phone rings, its the daughter. Have you left yet, No, OK hold off leaving I have to take a lateral flow test as one of the girls I work with has tested positive for Covid. 20 minutes later given the all clear, daughter is clear, go and pick her up and bring her back home (20 minute round trip). The next hour or so is spent opening presents with out any mishaps. From here on in my interest disappeared, I has to spend sometime moving a table (a regular Christmas event) while we waited for dinner to cook. I just seemed to loose the will, it was great listening to my son and daughter play a game and (jokingly) argue about the outcome of each card draw, I did a little work preparing the food for the meal and then it was meal time, ate and chatted, watched the Queen the some soap box racing and then it was over, to me xmas is always over once the meal has finished, just my way of thinking. You have a pile of presents to move and put away, a pile of food and drink which will feed thousands to get through. Daughter left around 5pm to go to a party with her boyfriend and his family. Found nothing of interest on the TV, ended up watching episode 2 (season 2) of the Witcher. Life had one final stab and twist of the blade left for me, while watching the Witcher I was getting cold, once he episode finished I walked over to one of the radiators, stone cold, checked the timer everything is alright, reset the timer and prayed it would fire up Boxing day morning, it did not, life had once again stuck two fingers up at me.

Maybe I am feeling sorry for myself, I know there a lot of people in a damm sight more difficult place than me, but it never make you feel any better knowing that, just have to pick myself up, dust myself off and start again