By | 20/02/2022

Having spent Christmas and the New Year with out central heating which is now fixed,  why have the lights not working and the washing machine throws an error. Why when you try to contact a tradesman through Check a Trade, they fail to even acknowledge you. Why when you are shopping online and the web pages hangs after entering your credit card details. You send the store a message explaining what had happened and there reply is complete utter rubbish not even answering the question I raised or resolving the issue. why has the water cistern in the down stairs toilet started to play up? We have also lost two relatives since Christmas. Anybody know the answers then please message twitter.com/blogours.

Not written anything lately just could not find the enthusiasm. Read the previous posting and the start of this one and you can see why. Thankfully we have heating, the lights now work and washing issue resolved (big hairball).  Completed a DIY project, made a cost rack (long plank of wood lots of hooks). But this one sit on the stair case at the angle of the rise of the stairs. Here is a mock up of it fitted before I took it down for a sanding and colouring.

image of coat rack

Mockup of the coat rack

The screws that are holding it in the picture were replaced with sleeve nuts which are hidden in the wood apart from the head. The reason for bolting the rack to the stairs is the fact that the staircase is metal. No sooner had I sanded, coloured and fitted the coats rack than coats were hung on it, think the wife likes it.

Here another little shot of local rugby, the Lions v the Hornets and the Lions lost, it was a good match but they were better than us at the end of the day.

Bmth Rugby

Scrum to the lions close to the touch line

That is enough waffling from me, look after yourself