The Curse of the Fujitsu

By | 13/03/2022

A few years ago

In my previous job I bought a Fujitsu PC for the marketing dept. It had a good spec and it did the job they wanted. But as the years past their (marketing dept.)  demand grew as did the demand on the OS. Soon I was being asked to upgrade a few components. So a memory upgrade, OS-upgrade, SSD Drive and new graphics card were ordered. A few days later several cardboard boxes were littering my desk.

The PC was sent to me for the upgrade and it soon became apparent I had a problem. Turns out the power supply did not have a spare lead to power the graphics card, no problem I will order anew power supply. I got on with the rest of the upgrades which went well. The power supply arrived and was installed and I met my next problem. The power connector to the motherboard is a standard size on 99% of PC, the Fujitsu is the 1% that it is not.

Long story short, I dug myself into a hole trying to find the correct parts to upgrade the PC. The marketing department were pleading for the return of the PC. New parts were piling up on my desk. buying new parts was not fixing the issue. I had enough new parts to build a new PC, so that was exactly what I did, I had a space case. In the end the marketing department had a new PC which did what they wanted. The Fujitsu was rebuilt with its old parts and sent out to do more mundane office work. Eventually it was retired  a couple of years later and I kept it for emergencies.


Looks Identical to this one

Back to today Curse of the Fujitsu II

Good for basic office work, I took it on as my work PC’s at home. Eventually I stopped using it and left it in the shed. Found it there a couple of years ago, dusted it of and I have used it a couple of times since.  Wife has been using it for email and Internet at home, but it has been getting noisy. The fans start to sound like jets taking off so decided to check it out. All the fans were running , decided to replace the existing fans and add a couple more.

Only found one large 120mm fan (without the flashing light) that spun faster than the original. Could not find a faster replacement CPU fan. A new CPU cooler was out the question, only two were found (due to age), both to expensive. As the original CPU fan was ok, I gave it a good clean up and renewed the grease on the processor. The replacement 120mm case fan and two additional 60mm fans (I wanted 70mm but none with a higher RPM were not available) were not cheap. The fans look like quality parts (as opposed to the cheap Chinese tat that is in most PC’s.), at least I hope so at the price. Two fans have been delivered still waiting for one of the 60mm fan to arrive.


This Fujitsu PC is showing me who is boss, it is a solidly reliable PC, just leave it alone. Hopefully with the 2 additional fans and some fan control software I can keep the PC running for a couple more year. If this does not work, next weeks blog could “How buy your wife a new PC!!”