the curse of Fujitsu is no more

By | 20/03/2022

Following on from last week

After last weeks story about the Fujitsu PC, it is worth ending the story to say the PC is no more, having added the additional fans, cleaned out all the other fans and heatsinks, and reapply new thermal paste to the processor. It did not solve the issue with the fans. They just spun up and sat there like a jet ready to take off or sat there getting slower and slower not reacting to the rising temperature. I had a spare PC so it should of been an easy fix.

If things would only get better

The Monday morning after posting Fujitsu story there was mayhem. The monitor the wife had been using refused to connect to the spare laptop she was using. It refused to connect to her work laptop. I have a test 24″ monitor with a 1 pixel wide blue line down the screen. Using HDMI that was the only monitor I could get her work laptop working with. The monitor she had been using is working on DVI perfectly.

The rebuild

The spare PC I had was my old Win10 box, my son bought a new HP PC and gave me his old one. I had always wondered if the Fujitsu i7 CPU would fit my old PC, turns out it was a no. The Fujitsu i7 CPU was slightly older than my i3 in my Win10 PC, thus they had different architecture.  I added the 16gb of memory to the i3, added the SSD and a couple of the new fans I had purchased.  Everything is now up and running, still have to put it back in location for the wife to use. Hoping I don’t have any further monitor issues.

The new

Bought a new network switch for my desk, I my old HP was getting noisy. The HP was really meant to sit in a network cabinet where noisy fans are not an issue. The silence now in the dining room\my office is deafening.

Netgear switch

16 port 1000mb\100mb\10mb Managed Network switch

I have a love hate relationship with Netgear equipment, in past items have performed OK while other have been far from working. I have bought the small 4 port switches and large fibre switches, WIFI Access Points, Wifi extenders, VPN Firewalls. This switch worked out the box, but unfortunately access to the management side failed. The paperwork that came with the switch said that DHCP is enabled (I found out later no it was not). It gave me an IP address it would be set to if DHCP was off or did not work. No it was not on that IP address either.

Having been in this situation before I knew what I had to do, I won’t bore you with the details. Once I had the IP address I reset it so I could find it on my network. But it raise the question if they can’t get the basic access right, what else is possibly wrong with the switch?

Now it is running and accessible on my network. Would I recommend it to a average PC owner who likes to plug things in and work, No. Would I recommend it to somebody who knew there way around IT, I would warn them and let them make there own decision.

I can not understand while the simplest instruction are so wrong, this simply leads to devices that you plugin and have no control over. You end up with boxes that have no access or access with limited information or option which then leads to mistrust.

Well enough waffle from me for one week, any questions let me know