Apologies, my world has gone upside down

By | 22/06/2022

So if you had visited this web site in the last few weeks you may have noticed nothing posted for a couple of months and possibly a completely blank page.

The blank page first, some of you may have noticed that this is a WordPress site, well it seems as though my WordPress took it upon its self to upgrade to the new Version 6, well it seems like one, some or all the plugins took exception to this hence the blank white page.  This was further complicated by the fact that I was unable to login to the WordPress site so I was not able to resolve the issue. Currently on day 3 (since I found out) and we are making progress.

Since March my world has been turned upside down, all three of us at home have been down with Covid, the wife has had further complications with her legs, my daughter and my son have both had personal issue so yeah its been fun, fun fun NOT for the last 3 months

Not making any promises but hopefully normal service will return, now to go a squash a few remaining bugs