well that should not of happened

By | 16/08/2022

Been very busy lately and this evening I though I would just put a small update on here. Well it seems somebody else had decide to update my web site for me. I have removed 40 post from the site. After a few tweak, a few, changes lets see what happens, its 90 minutes of my life I won’t get back.

I was going to post about was the fact that my daughter has moved back home after nearly 5 years and with two cats. I was looking forward to a weeks holiday  as I had lost the previous holiday due to having covid. Instead this holiday had me playing the part of a removal man. Have you ever tired removing the contents of a two bedroom flat (minus furniture) in Fiesta. The prep work to get the daughter and her two house cats and accommodate all that clobber. Then we run into what was probably the hottest 4 weeks in many years.

two Kitties

As the days pass so does the mountain of storage boxes grow smaller. Our whole way of living is now returning to having two kids living at home, admitted young adults.

Well that is it for tonight. I shall be back soon (if only to keep an eye on the s