you get less for murder, 35 years married

By | 01/09/2022

Its been an in marriage joke since we hit I think it was 10 years married. The news at the time was some murders was getting out of jail having served like 8 years. Its a bit morbid but then my humour can seem dark to those who don’t know me.

During those 35 years life has thrown most thing at us that can affect a marriage. Fortunately we have not had any serious health issue. Money issues by the boat load. But when the candle at the end of the tunnel is blown out, just follow your nose you will reach the light eventually. Then you can start a new recovery plan. We can still be heard calling each other choice names from time to time. Drunken arguments till 4:30am in the morning. The wine had run out and the sun was rising, work was at 7:30am. At least now we just don’t talk to each other.

After all these years have we learnt anything, do we have words of wisdom to pass on? Yes talk to each other not shout argue. Regardless of the news\issue talk even if it heads to divorce, talk. The only person that wins when you talk through the solicitor is the solicitors.

Keeping the wife Happy

In other news, the wife has new shoes. Nothing new in that as such but these are shoe for heavily bandaged and swollen feet.  Karen has been wearing oversized Crocs since her legs went weird after breaking her wrist If you are wondering how the wrist and leg are connected click this to read how. After seeing a TV advert and suggested by the log clinic the wife looked up Cosy Feet, they specialise in wide and oversized shoe for those that have leg and foot issues. You can check out their web page here. The first thing to say (and no disrespect meant) they won’t be the cheapest shoes you ever bought. But specialising in wide oversized feet you should not expect cheap and cheerful. Having looked at there web page and picked the shoe she wanted (half the catalogue). Karen decided that we should visit their shop in Street in Somerset (personally I think it was to save the delivery drivers back delivering 100’s of pairs of shoes).

Bank holiday Saturday saw us doing circuit of Street trying to find the shop, not that it was difficult to find, It was  just difficult telling me to turn left before we drove past the left turn. The shop is part of an old factory building which can be approached from two different roads. A large shop (with toilets for “after those long drives”) the shop caters for both male and female footwear along with Hosiery. We spent around an hour in the shop trying on various shoes eventually settling for two pairs, one for work and one for casual.

Did I mention that Street has a shopping village, Clarkes Shopping Village on the site of the old Clarkes shoe factory. We spent a hours in the village buying Weird fish T Shirts, Haribo sweets and eating Pizza. After an enjoyable day in Street we head home. An enjoyable days was had by all