who took my money?

By | 15/09/2022

Its that moment when you spot a payment on your bank account and you don’t recognise the company name or the amount that has been taken from the account. You check Paypal thinking your account has been compromised (I have a long random password and 2FA). Even more suspicious is PayPal has paid the bill in dollars. It took nearly an hour and a half before I worked out what had happened. Turned out this web site was to blame.

I use Modula Gallery for the gallery and it was 12 months since I first ordered it. I have not been on here for a couple of weeks and had not seen the warning message’s. Unknown to me when I first ordered the software. Paypal had setup an automatic pay in 12 months time service and promptly paid on the 13th of the month. Did not help that it took the money from the wrong account due to an expired credit card. Although I have now paid I still don’t have a license. I am now chasing the license.

The Cats

My daughters, two cats have settled in very well. Ruby the smaller and more adventurous of the two, gets into place she is not meant to be, enjoys sitting on tops of doors. Yes that 135mm wide door with the grace of a ballerina, until the door moves then the claws are out to ensure she can defy gravity. Bella acts as if she is the old wiser Sister (They are actually sister born in the same litter). Looking on at her sisters antic with that “what the hell are you doing” look. It was recently their 4th Birthday and I had to do something I have never done, buy cats birthday presents! Being typical cats they turned their nose’s up at all of the presents, bar one, the laser pointer. While writing this, I have spent 20 minutes entertaining Ruby with the pointer. Not sure who enjoyed it more me or the cat

Ruby in the window with claws

Look at my claws, don’t they look nice!!


Bella just looking on

Do you mind, you are disturbing me