the end is nigh

By | 25/12/2022

as the end approaches…

Some families have great Family names, house of Windsor, house of Tudor, house of Targaryen, we are known as the House of Lurgy!! We all have this damm head\throat\chest cold virus thing. The wife has been at it for 5 weeks now and has just gone onto Steroids and Anti Bio tics. I am now into my third week with it. My daughter has it (so does her boyfriend) and our son is sniffling around the house. The only unaffected ones are the cats……….

diabetic check

Not sure if I have mentioned this story…  I had to have a blood test, then a review with the doctor, it did not go well.  Apparently I need to do more, the doctor gave me the option of injections. I hate injections, I stopped a course of treatment because I could not handle injecting myself. I got referred to the Diabetic nurse and we discussed the situation but was not able to offer me anything more than the doctor had. We left if me to try get my weight down and my HbA1c (its a diabetic measurement) down which is also to high. They would call me in a couple of months.

I realised after the phone call that would be in the lead up to Xmas. Well I have not had a call to book a new blood test and I have not exactly chased it up either. I am human I want to enjoy xmas and new year (and my birthday is early January). I will be making that call mid January

so whats happening?

I made a point of trying to exercise more, but it is not really happening. Since the end of November I have had every Monday off to use up holiday, I decided that on these days I would do something to exercise. The first week I decided a walk on the beach, when I got up it was wet with light rain. When I left the house it was wet but not raining. When I left the car park at the beach, the heavens opened, the wind was blowing into my face. By the end of a short walk I was a drowned rat and stopped raining as I got back to the car park!

I have managed a couple of Monday exercise days but I have missed more to to weather and ill health.

I have tried to exercise in the evening but bad weather or illness again has stopped me. The wife was supposed to be joining me as well but her illness has stopped her. I intend to exercise over the xmas holidays (I have to work 3 days between Xmas and New year ). When I say exercise, I mean walking

So come early January I am going to have to book a blood test and face the music. But ultimately that means I am going to have to start injections in the new year.

i read a blog  once

The guy writing the blog was adamant that being overweight should be treated like drug or alcohol addiction. Everything the doctors offer is a one size fits all approach and to him it did not fit, I am the same. I know what I should and should not eat, I know I should exercise, so what is stopping me? Me, I am stopping myself, its a strange feeling. I know what I need to do, I know what is likely to happen if I don’t. But that just does not make it any easier to make the change, but something has to change.

and finally

We are under 30 hours to xmas day. Many people are struggling at the moment, for some people it is financial, others it is relationships, some it is mental health. Watch out for your families, friends, work colleagues and neighbours.  Help them if you can, or point them to organisations that can help them. Hope to see you all in the new years. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year