i am being made redundant, but……….

By | 21/01/2023

a moment of deja vu

Not a title I want to write about but unfortunately it is a fact. Four and half years after my last redundancy I am on my way out again.

Lets start with the main part of the title and leave the but till later. My job is being outsourced (if anybody read about my last redundancy I was outsourced there as well). I say my job, there is at least 20 of us in the same position, whole department being outsourced. Got told just over a week ago, got summoned to one of those meetings that you have to attend. Checks were being made on how to contact those whose were not attending, makes you start thinking whats happening.

We had the talks from directors  about our focus and economy. Then it moved to head of IT to tell us that some of us were being out sourced, those who were not being outsourced could apply for a handful of in house jobs. If you failed to get one of these you were going to be made redundant. To say were were speechless was an understatement.  We would have an email by lunch time if we were at risk of being made redundant, I got mine on time.

Already had my fist consultation, went as well as expected, got some more details of the available in house jobs. These job were not going to be open to the public, just those being made redundant. Did see a couple that took my fancy, time will tell

now the but..

The team I am on, there are four of us. We were told that one of us would **Tupe  to the outsourcing company, they would choose who. We would not get the option to say no, they would pick one of us the that was that, we had to move over. The other three in the team would be redundant. We can not turn down being Tupe to the Outsourced company. If you refuse it is seen as you are resigning and end up leaving with nothing.

donkey mode

Everybody is in *donkey mode. All the talk is about renewing CV’s and who are the best agency’s to use. Many of those facing redundancy have 15+ years and looking for employment has changed a lot since they were last job hunting. Fortunately for me my CV from 4.5 years ago only required a small amount of change. Several employers and agencies  from back then praised my old CV so I see no reason to radically change it. The end date we have been given is 1st April, it seems along way away but it will soon be upon us. For now its a case of registering with Agency and checking available jobs.

Was hoping 2023 would be an improvement on 2022, but still carrying the cold I have had since early December and now redundancy, I won’t be holding my breath.

*Donkey mode,  when you see a donkey with a load on its back just plodding a along following its nose, looking downbeat and wishing it was elsewhere.

**TUPE stands for Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment)