when life throws you a lemon, drink lemonade………but it is so sour

By | 29/01/2023

Being put at “risk of redundancy” (wont know until late February), was not enough for 2023. Finding out a close friend has died in the last few day is sticking the knife in and twisting it.

First met John during our tenpin bowling days, its was not long before we were bowling together. Going to competition across the south in your clapped out Escort. Or turning up at my house on a Thursday night to watch the Pro Bowling from America and eat me out of Sausage Rolls. May be it was the night you locked your keys in the car outside my house. There was me asking any Ford car owners going to the take away next door to see if their keys could unlock your car. Maybe it was telling you to pull your finger out and bowl properly at a competition near Heathrow. You did, we finish 4th in class and you thanked me for telling you to pull your finger out. Maybe it was smuggling you into the hospital when my wife gave birth our daughter. We claimed you were her brother and had rushed down from London so you could stay late.

Our most recent meeting was my birthday meal 2 weeks ago, you turned up as jovial as ever. Having all these memory, it is hard to believe that you are no longer here. Rest in peace my friend, you may not be here, but you will not be forgotten