everything changes

By | 08/04/2023

Based on my previous posts I should have been redundant now or starting a new job on Tuesday 11th April. But things have a strange way of moving off in a different direction, so to keep a long story short I am still employed. With just a week to go I was offered the opportunity to join the new support company. Yes I had to think about it but between looking, finding and starting a new job and working for a new company doing my old job, I decided the latter was the best option.

and so it started

After being told it would take a couple of weeks to sort out. I was then told it was happening if three days. The Easter holiday weekend had been lined up as a weekend on doom and gloom (proposed redundant date was the 6th April). So it is nice to sit here day 2 into the holiday weekend employed and mentally planning the weeks ahead. A summer holiday is back on the planning agenda with the threat of redundancy gone.  Not sure where or when yet but there are several ideas being talked about.

it is normally raining

Easter holidays are normally a time of gale force winds and rain soaked weekends. Tourist destination reporting heavy losses etc. as everybody stays at home. Peoples get aways ruined by striking airport staff. But this year its seems to be all about vehicles being towed away in north Wales . Been out for a walk in shorts and T shirt, rested looking out over the harbour

Sunny Poole Harbour

Looking Out towards Brownsea Island and the Purbecks in the very distance

Weather is due to change Monday, but then the British Weather forecast is never accurate is it.

here kittie kittie kittie

unimpressed kitty

Bella with her new toy, totally unimpressed

Its around 10 months since the cats came to live with us. Being a family who has only ever had fish, hamsters and a rat its was a big jump for us. The two girls have settled in well, we look after them day to day, feed them, tidy up after them. In return they wreck the carpet, tear wallpaper off the wall, scratch the leather sofa, scatter kitty litter all over the house. They walk into the middle of meeting (we both work from home) and meow loudly for no reason. Eat cables, Headphone leads, USB leads, charger leads, etc. But despite all that we love them and can’t imagine them not being here.


Ruby in cat travel bag

Ruby wanting to see the outside world during a trip to the Vet

During a recent trip to the vet Ruby decided that she wanted to see the out side world (these are both indoor cats). She had her head stuck out the travel bag on the journey to the vet. On the return journey she was happy to sit in the travel bag on my daughters lap watch the world go by as I drove home.

its easter

Easter bunny and chicks

Lego Easter Bunny and Chicks, came as gifts with a recent Lego purchase

Acquired another couple of Lego models over the past few months and these two mini sets cam with the main kits. Only took an hour to build. Which compared to the time it has taken me trying to crop the photo is about half as long again. Think there maybe an issue with the image as everything just crashes when trying to manipulate the image.

the end

OK thats it I am out of here will be back in the not to distant future when something else happens in my life barely worth reporting, Happy Easter all.