back to my old ways

By | 15/05/2023

Back to my old ways again, nothing sinesters but I am going to the gym again. I have signed up to a couple gym in the past and to be honest I enjoyed going. But back then thing did not work out for me and I stopped going.

What sparked my interest this time was the fact that I knew I had to do something to get my self in to a better shape (I am not going to say fit). I saw an advert for a local gym offering free sessions, well I know enough that you don’t get something for nothing. Well I was right, it was a 6 week course and you paid a lump sum at the start. AN incentive to stay on the straight and narrow you could say. The providing you met your target in 12 weeks you got the lump sum of money back.  I guess it was fair deal but it was not for me.

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I had a look around at what the local gyms were offering. Found one that was just up the road from me but they did not open until 9am in the morning. I am strange in that I like going first thing in the morning, like 6am. Found another one that is open 24\7 which I signed up for. The cost suits what I wanted to pay. Been twice so far and to be perfectly honest I have struggled compared to what I used to be able to do. But if I could do what I used to be able to do I would not have half the issues I have now.

What started all this Gym stuff of was some earache from my doctor regarding my diabetes. It has not been going well. While I am eating less and the correct foods which is good, any form of exercise has been non-existence.  So something had to change and so along came some new medication. I have a new tablet based appetite suppressant, only a couple of weeks into it so it early days. Hopefully they will have the right affect and help overall health.

the building starts again

With the arrival of a new display cabinet and a small furniture move around I have started to build the Lego again. I have just finished building Hokusai – The Great Wave This is one of Lego Dot picture (as opposed to a model car, building etc.). Ideal if somebody thinking about building a Lego kit (adult, kids don’t need much encouragement). I am now ready to start building my next Lego model which I purchased about 4 years ago. Don’t know what it is I just love building Lego, think its a me thing as I enjoy building things. I still have another 6 models to build. Then there the ones I would like to buy and a certain new being released later this year……………..

my cats broken

broken Ruby

my cats is broken

Ruby Cat is pretending to be broken, this is so you will stroke her tummy (or at least try) and then she will bounce with a razor sharp claws

And with that the end, won’t bore you any longer, see you later