where has the year gone

By | 02/07/2023

Just over halfway through the year, it is flying along. So far we have lost a friend, had the threat of redundancy, still having issues with the wifes legs. I should counter that with the fact that I was not made redundant (got transferred instead, not Tupe). I have lost weight, gym session are going well.

first holiday of the year…..

Had a weeks holiday booked, it was a disaster. Eating the Friday evening meal, just taken the last mouthful and my stomach decided to be a washing machine. Sprinted to the loo and promptly regurgitated the entire meal. That was the start of a week of upset stomach. Monday I felt well enough to venture out locally around town. Tuesday I felt ill again and stayed home. Wednesday and Thursday we went out but it was controlled in so much as knowing where we could stop en-route should it be needed and not being adventurous when we reached the destination. Thursday was a bit odd really because I was thinking of going to Lyme Regis, but ended up in WestBay instead. My brain was seriously confused. All week I was eating tinned soup and TUC crackers. The only thing I could keep down

new medication, am I taking it correctly

Back in mid May I started a new course of medication, came with some fairly specific instructions for taking the medication. One tablet, once a day, taken on an empty stomach and no more than 120ml of water. The start of the course you have a 3mg tablet to get your body used to the medication. After a month you move onto a 7mg tablet. One of the side effects of taking the tablet is upset stomach, I had been on the 7mg a week when all hell let loose with my stomach. At the moment the jury is out on what called my stomach upset, although I found out that when I was taking the tablet may not have been the best time.

During the Hospital gym sessions we have a medication discussion by one of the diabetic specialist nurses. I said I take this tablet after I finish work about 2 hours before evening meal. I was asked if I went to the loo in the middle of the night, when I said yes I was advised to take the tablet then. Apparently your stomach is at its emptist while you sleep so an ideal time to take a tablet. Currently on day 12 of middle of the night tablet taking. After 28 days of 3mg tablets I can move onto the 7mg again and see how they go.

holiday planning

Earlier in the year we  were intending to followup on a plan to holiday in Europe this year but then thing started to not work out for us. First the wifes legs are not good at the moment. Add in the UK train strikes and the fact that we would have to leave booking to the last minute and we decided that not what we want to do. We have now booked a UK destination, happier with that choice taking the wife’s legs in consideration. Still a couple more bit to complete the holiday plan, but happy with what we have arranged at the moment.

tried to build but lost drive

After finishing the Great Wave Lego Dot picture I decided it was time to build one of my other Lego kits. The next build would be the VW Camper van I bought about 5 years ago. I unpacked the bricks, put them into the the plastic containers (Tupperware boxes you can not find the lid for). I put the tires on the wheel and that as far as I got. For some reason my drive to continue building has gone.

just over 10 years ago, this happened

Just over 10 years ago I used to be quite into Mountain Bike riding. As with many thing like this when not riding we used to meet on an online forum and talk about bikes, beer the other things. One of the members (Taz) was quite ill in hospital with Cancer. To help him have something to look forward to once he was out of hospital and recovered we would all go out on a bike ride.

Thankfully he did recover. 20th April 2013 20+ of us met up at the Rising Sun, Cleeve Hill, Cheltenham, for a bike ride. We had not told  TAZ that we had arranged to wear a special T Shirt. Those of us that were staying at the Rising Sun agreed to appear at breakfast wearing our bright Pink T shirts. Most of us arrived for breakfast before Taz did. His face when he walked into the dining room and everybody is sat there in a pink T Shirt was unbelievable.

The picture below is after returning from the ride later that afternoon. A great weekend and a great guy

Group in Beer Garden

After scaring all the customer away we took a group picture