nearly time to say goodbye

By | 12/08/2023

No not me the cats, daughter and boyfriend have found a place and in about 7 days she moves in and the cat go with her. Going to miss the furry little critter. It was annual vet day for the cats today. Bella made it known she was less than impressed forced into the cat box and taken to the vets. From the moment she was in the box until we were nearly home she would not stop meowing. The waiting room was amused to hear the loud Meow-ing coming from the consulting room. Ruby on the the other hand was quiet and went and hid under the trolley in the consulting room. Called Bella a little critter, but she is now 1KG heavier than she was at her last checkup, just under 5kg.

medication, when you can’t get it

Been back on my new medication now for about 4 weeks. Moved from the 3mg to the 7mg tablets. But tomorrows tablet will be the last one for a while. Had a prescription in for nearly three weeks and they are still not able to get any of the tablets. Apparently all the health clinic are buying them as a weight loss tablet! Not taking the tablet means I don’t have to wake up at 2:30am to take the tablet at least for a few days.

I have one final hospital gym session to do on Monday then that is that course completed. I am still going to the gym, although I would be lying to say I am not struggling with motivation. Once I am there it is OK but it is the going part that is the issue. I have had this issue for a while, it can be anything, I just think why bother.  I have signed up for a course but need to arrange the first call, been a couple of weeks, need some motivation.

holiday booked, so the wife wins a weekend away 2 weeks before

The wife is a big Speedway fan. Entered a competition to win tickets to the Cardiff GP and won some tickets. Previously taken a motorhome and booked in at a local caravan site when we have been to the GP. But we don’t have a motorhome any more. We have booked into a hotel in Barry and will catch the train into Cardiff, just have to drive to Cardiff (Barry).

Main Holiday all booked, can’t wait for time off, been a hard 5 months since the job transfer, enjoying it but it has been hard. Hope the weather is kind to us, don’t need to be sunny, but definitely dry.

still building

The Lego VW Camper is still under construction but is further on than previously reported. Just need to complete the lifting roof and finish the front end. Have seem a couple of new Lego kits I would like to have. One of them the price is a little eye watering. Think I may wait and see if the price falls on that one. The other kit is a little cheaper  although at 42″ long think i might need a new hangar.

Some of you may remember I bought a new display cabinet back in May, well it is nearly full up. So I just bought a small second hand display cabinet. Just under 3ft high it give 3 shelf and the top for displaying. Not sure what we are going to move into it yet, but it is a just over a week before it can moved into is permanent position, so still planning.

If I don’t have enough collections, I have started collecting Wimborne Pottery. Don’t know a lot about the company apart from it is no longer in existence. Compared to Poole Pottery Dolphins and Lego the pottery is cheap. Hoping to find out more about the business when I am on holiday in a few weeks. Have about 8 items at the moment, many more I could get but looking for the interesting bits.

this week 15 years ago

A visit to Portland in Dorset and a photo of what looks like rusty old iron. Built in 1917 and still is use today although not using the main winch which is rusted solid.

Portland crane

Rusty old crane


Rusted up crane winch

1917 Crane winch, rusted solid

The crane is used to hoist rowing boats from the cliff top to the water 20 to 30ft below