stop the world I want to get off

By | 18/12/2023

Really not enjoying things at the moment, no matter which way I turn there another issue to overcome, resolve. My Diabetes and exercise has gone to pot, can’t sleep always tired. No energy just want to sit and veg out. Came on to here only to find a license has failed to update again. I spent half my holiday resolving this issue back in September, (I had intended to post photos on my blog daily from my holiday).

stuff to do but why………..

I have loads of thing to do between now and Christmas, but they are just sat there, waiting for me. Lets not forget the big day that is coming, how to I feel about that? Here a comment I made after facing the idiot driving around on Saturday morning on the way to Tesco. “My Christmas Spirit tank is empty, don’t piss me off”.

more health

Going back to my diabetes and health, the nurse called me for a checkup start of the month. I told her I have drawn a line in the sand, I am restarting early January. “Why then was” the response and I said with Christmas just around the corner and my birthday in early January, was there any point in starting earlier?? She understood. I am not going mad with the food but I need to be able to enjoy myself.

the cat

He has just about been the only highlight since October. The wife was nervous about the daughter cats moving in with us but she took to them well along as they kept there distance, (they were not lap cats so that was ok). She was nervous of getting our own cats. Once the daughter moved out she missed the cats like anything and really wanted to get our own cat, but nervous of what that meant and world bring.

what a cat brings

Hairs balls outside your bedroom door, missing the litter box, sneezing and blowing blood all over the windows blinds, refusing to eat his food until you turn the light on and pick up all the food he spilt. He is on medication for a Thyroid issue, he purrs like he has swallowed a bee hive, he sneezes a lot. Domino is an in door cat, so his claws grow. He like to use his claws when he climb on you. Very affections, if you don’t pay him any attention he will tap you with his paw.

Black and White cat

Sat there in his favourite place over looking the front Garden (yes the double glazed unit has blown)

He has a black and white head, a black tail and brown fur in between. He lose hair faster than a bucket of water with a hole in it. Sleep most of the day and night. But we love him and would not change him for anything.

IT is meant to make life easier

I have to make some major changes to the house;’s IT setup over the xmas period. We are moving to a new Broadband supplier been with Virgin since 1994 (in previous incarnations). But have now decided that I can get a better broadband and TV package else where. Along with this I need to increase my working space (I work from home). I need room for 3 x 24″ monitor and two laptops and my current location is not large enough. Two new monitors have been ordered, I have a couple of idea, no idea if it will work.

Well I am out of here, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new years