just when you thought it could not get any worse………..

By | 27/12/2023

It got a lot worse. Fortunately we had done a bit of Christmas shopping at the end of November. By the second week of December it was a non event for me, I just lost all interest. Start of the third week son came home from work and went straight to bed feeling unwell. He woke up the following coughing like a good-un. He continue going downhill and then did a Covid test on Thursday, positive. Quickly ordered some test online for next day delivery

the next day delivery you don’t really want

The test kits arrived next day before midday. Myself and the wife were waiting for the results within the hour. Mine came back positive very quickly, the wife was negative. This was turning out to be a fun Christmas…….NOT. To be fair I was not felling to bad, my first COVID had not been anything more than a mild cold, I was hoping for more of the same. That was the first mistake, On Saturday I soon realised  that this would not be a mild case of Covid. By Christmas eve it kicked in fully with all the coughs, runny nose, thickly throat, tiredness, temperature\coldness it could muster. By now the wife was also testing positive. Christmas day we were all were floored. There was no Christmas breakfast,  dinner\lunch or team. I really felt like I now had full blown flu except for the positive Covid test.

do I go back to work (I work form home)

Half of me says yes to relieve the boredom of the last 5 days, the other half says no you are ill have some time off, a lot will depend on what I feel like in the morning. Our son has been on the phone to the doctors, he is now past 7 days and had to get a sick note from the doctor for work, he won’t be going back to work anytime soon. The wife is due back to work tomorrow (she also works from home) but I doubt that she will.

and the future is……….

Not sure. Would like to think that the wife and I are testing negative by the new year weekend so can have some kind of celebration. There is a Christmas Dinner and  New Year dinner in the fridge and freezers which we hope do not go to waste. Boxes of sweets\chocolate\snacky foods and other foods unopened along with drinks. I guess my Christmas diet is going well…

that is enough from me

I seem to be drowning in my own self pity here, well yes I am but that is how my life has gone for the past few years. I wish you and your family a A very Happy and Healthy New Year