still under the weather

By | 17/01/2024

Well I eventually tested negative on 30th December, but still not feeling 100%. 17 days later still feeling under the weather and very tired. The current Covid hit was a lot worse then the previous time. I had to move some it equipment last Saturday, it floored me. Nothing heavy just the fact of walking up and down stairs. Went shopping last weekend and it floored me again.

xmas dinner and a day out

My birthday is a few days into the new year and seeing how we had missed Xmas I took the days off work and went to a nearby shopping centre. Not my idea of fun, but a place that has places to rest. Looking for a few bargains, found a few but most not in my size. Shopping Centre had plenty of seating area to have a rest. It was quite cold and windy, trying to find that balance of warm outside and comfortable in the shop with all its heating turned on. We found a nice pub to have a meal for lunch and more resting. the old style leather library chair had lost so much of it support I nearly ended up sitting on the floor, getting out was fun……..

boxing day party 8 days late

The mother inlaw traditionally has a party on boxing day evening, well it was a bit late this year. We all had a good laugh still played the taxi driver part taking the daughter and boyfriend home along with belated xmas present which due to illness we had not handed out.

only a few more shops to check out

Well two to be exact, went in Weird Fish (seems to be my Favourite fashion shop at the moment). Had to make a conscious effort not to buy any shirts, I have enough T shirts for 8 week, 1 per day!! Came out with a new hoodie style jacket and a scarf. Wife also purchased a hoodie Jacket , we do like Weird Fish. Next stop was the Haribo (sweet) Shop, (we already ruled out going to the Cadbury outlet shop). I choose a packet of Tang Tastics then went back outside and sat in the cold. The wife came out with a bag for life and several bags of sweets. It was at this point we decide it was time to go.

xmas dinner at last………much like xmas, a let down

We eventually got round to having our Roast Beef Xmas lunch on the 14th, we had the works, Yorkie, Roasties, Pigs in Blankets, vegs. Beef was slowed cooked in the oven for four hours, came out like boot leather. Thats was a let down, something we had all looked forward to. As there plenty of left over beef we decided to have it the next days evening meal. Sliced and placed in Gravy and then warmed in the oven. Certainly was not as tough as the first roast., the joint would probably been better slowed cooked in gravy for 6 to 8 hours.

i have moved

I mentioned earlier I have moved my office from the dining room into what is now our upstairs spare room.  Now this is because of a works laptop upgrade, which does less than my current old works laptop.  I need to have my own personal PC setup to be able to access programs I am not allowed to access on my new laptop but I need every day. For the past 3 days I have been ironing out the bugs so I can be fully transferred over to the new laptop. I still have to use my old work laptop for all those bit the new works laptop can t do. Yes it sound confusing, because it defies logic.

Domino (cat) looking up at me

can I ave treats, I haz been a good boy