no improvement over 2023

By | 09/03/2024

If having Covid to end 2023 was not enough, the start of 2024 has been no fun for the wife. Karen has had shingles. Followed that up spending 8 days in hospital with Pneumonia. She is now currently back home recovering, all by mid February. Did you know it can take 3 to 6 months to fully recover from Pneumonia? Nor did we.

The sore throat I had from covid took till mid February before it left me. As a consequent diet and fitness have hit rock bottom. I have not been to the gym, October I think was the last time. Have made a couple of mental decision about starting again but these have been missed through illness or other issues going on at the time.

even the car has let me down

Car was due its MOT end of February. Did not get off to a good start, I found the garage I have used for the last 5 year has packed up. Found another garage who I used to deal with many years ago. The Good news was the car passed the MOT with no issue, 5th straight pass in a row.

But before then the battery went flat on me. I drove to hospital to visit Karen, came out couple hours later, battery is dead. Managed to bump start the car by rolling backwards out of the parking bay. Battery been alright until this week, came out to the car on Wednesday and nothing, battery dead. Stuck the battery on charge and went back into the house to research a new battery. Found Halford had the same battery I bought 5 years ago for a £1 more than it was back in in 2018. Gave it a couple of hours was able to get the car started and drove to Halford,s for a new battery.


I had unused holiday carried over from last year. Karen had holiday that had to be used by end of March. A weeks holiday was booked. This included a diabetic eye check for me and an appointment for Karen at Salisbury Odstock Hospital. The other three days of the week I planned days out ensuring Karen would not become exhausted or could at least sit down and rest. Turned out that we ate out on all five days (guess that why my weight has gone to pot…..).

domino the cat

It would be fair to say that he has got us wrapped around his little paw. We have never had a pet but when the daughter left home for a second time taking her cats Bella and Ruby with her, something was missing. We were used to furry critters wandering around the house ordering us about. Well Domino has certainly filled that space. He will let you know when its is feeding time, he will let you know he wants treats.

But it the other things he has done, like when the wife was in hospital, he started either sitting on her desk (which included sitting on the keyboard) or sitting in her desk chair. We had previously tried to get him to sit in her chair or on her desk, but he would have nothing to do with with it jumping down straight away if we put him in Karen chair.

cat on keyboard

its mine now

As well as residing on Karen desk, he has now taken to sleeping on my desk as well.

Cat sleeping next to keybioard

Apparently he is ensuring my typing is up to standard.

We could of had a further two or three cats from the amount of hair he leaves around the house and we brush from his fur. Toys he has loads and plays with none of them. He will seek your attention and then raise his paw and push you away when he has had enough.


Well that its from me, a quick browse the past couple of months, here is hoping it improves.